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After many months of working in the shadows, we are excited to finally be able to talk about ourselves, our project, and what we are building. Twisted Jackal is a game development studio focused on the blockchain and play to earn economies. We strongly believe that this is the future of gaming, where players can truly own their assets and achievements.

We know that the average gamer isn’t a huge fan of this vision. So our goal is to create good games first and foremost, with our sole focus on enjoyability and fun. Then, we will seamlessly integrate cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and play to earn mechanics without detracting from our games, or getting in the way of the fun.

We want to bring together both gamers and people who are new to gaming, and even new to the blockchain, thus contributing to the global adoption of crypto as a whole, and taking one step closer to that future. We want people from everywhere in the world to discover the blockchain and its many uses in fun and educational ways.

To achieve our ambitious goals, we have chosen to be powered by Ethereum and the Immutable X scaling solution. Immutable X is the future of digital asset trading, with zero gas fees and lightning fast transactions, enabling players to have a seamless and smooth gaming experience.

We will be creating our own cryptocurrency token as the core of our gaming ecosystem (truly, our metaverse). The name and other details of this currency, much like the specific details of the metaverse and the games within it, will be revealed at a later date. It will be usable and earnable in all game modes — both solo and multiplayer — as well as our marketplace. Our goal is to create true utility in all of our games, including all the future games to come.

Twisted Jackal logo

Own Your Victory

By far, the greatest feature of the blockchain in gaming is the ability to truly own your assets. In all of our games, you will truly own your characters and everything you earn while adventuring or competing in our games. Discover, train, and evolve your team. Equip yourself or your team with items that you’ve obtained or created. Unlock new skills and abilities. Then battle it out in arenas or battlefields to become the best.

And now, when you win, you truly win with the financial ownership of your successes. Compete in some of the highest stakes tactical tournaments the world has ever seen, with prize pools up to $50 million. Become a legend, known far and wide. And own 100% of your victory.

Win tournaments, catch rares, craft epics, flex on everyone, and get paid to do it. That’s blockchain gaming. That’s the future.

Decentralized Finance and Gaming

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has brought endless possibilities to the cryptocurrency economies. By adding such mechanics to our games, we hope to help familiarize people with systems such as farming and staking, therefore contributing to the mass adoption of Decentralized Finance.

Players will be able to stake the tokens they won or earned in our games in order to be rewarded with additional tokens, as well as in-game items, cosmetic skins, and more. All the rewards won by staking will be usable in the games will also be tradeable on our marketplace.

That’s not the only way we want to help further the mass adoption of DeFi gaming, though. We want to make DeFi and P2E games more accessible to the masses and easier to get into. None of our games will require any kind of “buy in” before you can start playing. You won’t have to learn a bunch of confusing terms on your first time downloading and playing our games. You won’t even have to create a crypto wallet first! We want it to be easy to just get in the game and play!

A Focus on Fun

We don’t just want to make “good crypto games” — we want to make good games, period. You’ve heard people say, “Oh yeah, it’s good…. For a crypto game.” That’s terrible! We want to make genuinely fun, entertaining, and awesome games. So we aren’t coming from a crypto or play to earn angle with our games. We develop from the mindset of making fun games first and foremost, and then integrating crypto and play to earn mechanics in a seamless and smooth way that doesn’t affect that fun factor.

And then… we polish! Every gamer knows that a polished game is a successful game. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and being able to release things in a polished and high quality state. We don’t settle for anything less than perfect, and neither should you.

A no-context teaser of one of our upcoming games

Value, Value, Value!

As lifelong hardcore gamers, we understand the importance of giving value to your consumers. Nobody wants to waste their time, money, or effort on something that doesn’t give them much value in return, whatever form that value may take. The great thing about play to earn and blockchain games is that you, the player, actually own the in-game assets you acquire during your adventures, and thus the value of those assets. But time and time again, we’ve seen how that still just doesn’t equal enough value.

The special thing that makes our in-game assets and utility NFTs stand out from other games is that you’ll be able to use them in ALL of our games! That’s supposed to be one of the main selling points of the blockchain in gaming after all, isn’t it? Being able to earn in-game items in one game and bring them with you to use in another game — that’s supposed to be a primary use case for blockchain gaming. Yet hardly anybody is actually doing that.

Well, we want to change that. So all of our upcoming games will share NFTs and in-game items, skins, pets, and more. If you earn a reward in one game, you better believe that you can use it in all the other games. Find a rare spell scroll while delving into a dungeon in [redacted]? You’ll unlock that same spell in [redacted] too! Did you craft a legendary Spear of Dragonslaying in [redacted]? Equip it on your characters in both [redacted] and [redacted]! Not only that, but every future game we develop will also have backwards compatibility with most, if not all, of our NFTs.

Some in-game assets will only be obtainable in certain games, too! This encourages our players to participate in the crypto economies of each game, as well as allowing us to spread secret, hidden unlockables and rewards across all our games.

We’re excited to share more details on our utility NFTs and the specifics of our games in the not-too-distant future, so stay tuned!

Our Marketplace

Since we plan on using Immutable X, our marketplace will allow us to have blazingly fast transactions and a high-performance in-game economy that is unmatched. This will enable players to trade their in-game items in exchange for tokens, or buy items they might need to compete (in the fairest way possible with multiplayer, of course).

The engine supports over 9,000 transactions per second — that means minting, buying, selling, and transferring assets in our games will be faster than the time it took you to read this sentence. Best of all? No gas fees. Players won’t have to pay any gas fees for minting or exchanging assets. Oh, and it’s 100% carbon neutral.

Disclaimer: We do not currently have any tokens, cryptocurrencies, or NFTs released yet — so be careful if anyone is claiming to sell you something related to Twisted Jackal or any of our upcoming games!

Pixel art of a samurai, a viking, and a gladiator
Examples of NFT characters in the upcoming [redacted] game

Join Us!

If you are interested in what we are doing and would like to learn more or be a part of our community, you can follow us on Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram! We will also be opening our Discord server soon — although it will be exclusive and invite-only at first, so stay tuned for opportunities to get that special invite! We look forward to sharing our progress with all of you and discussing how we can all bring the future of blockchain gaming to the here and now




Twisted Jackal is a game development studio focused on blockchain and play to earn gaming. Join us at

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Twisted Jackal

Twisted Jackal

Twisted Jackal is a game development studio focused on blockchain and play to earn gaming. Join us at

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